Our story

The idea for LEI Register emerged from the founders’ experience with the frustrating process of obtaining Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs). They recognised the need for a simpler, more effective way for businesses to obtain LEIs and set out to make that vision a reality.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service and streamlined processes quickly set us apart in the industry, earning LEI Register a reputation for efficiency and excellence. Today, LEI Register is the world’s largest LEI Registration Agent, serving companies around the globe with the same dedication to simplifying the application process that inspired its creation.

Our mission

LEI Register is committed to providing outstanding service and assisting companies in adhering to financial regulations, making us an essential partner for businesses worldwide.

We have attained our status as one of the fastest LEI Registration Agents by employing technology. Our API integration has simplified data validation by removing manual work between parties. We have also linked with local business registries, enabling us to provide data autofill functionality for a seamless application process.

Our most recent development is LEIAdmin, an LEI management solution created specifically for financial institutions.

LEIAdmin allows financial institutions to provide their customers with a one-click LEI registration application, making it simple to apply for and administer LEIs. With LEIAdmin, financial institutions can manage all their customers’ LEIs on a single platform, simplifying the management process.

In addition to technological advancements and innovative solutions like LEIAdmin, we have set new industry standards, such as multiyear registrations, which provide our clients with a hassle-free, long-term solution.

Today we operate globally and have offices in key regions, enabling us to provide exceptional service to businesses worldwide.

Operations Manager

It is inspiring to be a part of the development and growth of LEI Register. With a talented and supportive team, we have managed to transform our customers‘ experience and will continue to put dedication to further streamlining, simplifying, and innovating the process.

Hanna Tunnel
Operations manager

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